Отзывы Deloitte Казахстан о преподавателях ACCA в LSBF

Aug 8 2014

По результатам июньской экзаменационной сессии (Июнь 2014) международной профессиональной квалификации ACCA, компания Deloitte Казахстан поделилась отзывами о подготовке к экзаменам ACCA в London School of Business & Finance. Подготовка слушателей происходила в Казахстане, с выездом британских лекторов LSBF в г. Алматы для проведения очных практических семинаров.

Участники практических семинаров отметили, что благодаря очному интенсивному обучению они смогли лучше усвоить материал и значительно повысить эффективность обучения и уровень сдачи экзаменов.

Компания Deloitte в Казахстане является постоянным клиентом британской бизнес-школы LSBF в области подготовки сотрудников Deloitte к экзаменам ACCA.

Приведем некоторые комментарии сотрудников Deloitte об обучении у предподавателей LSBF:

"I liked tutor very much. He explains clearly concentrating on main topics that will be on the exam. I think he did excellent job for short (4 days) period of time."

"Tutor created relaxed and "cozy" atmosphere which I liked. Inspired and enlightened students to succeed in the exams. Sometimes it seems that course material is complicated with unnecessary synonyms, wordings. The shorter the better. In general course is useful and easily applicable in practice."

"The tutor was very helpful, enthusiastic and nice. The lectures were covering lots of information which were easy to understand."

"Very useful exam tips that no one (no tutor on ACCA) have ever suggested, very useful and condensed schematic tips (proformas) strategies for solving exam questions. Very systematic approach,very clear, plain explanation of F5 concepts with good life examples."

"Would be happy to see Halif Quazi as instructor on my further trainings."

"The teacher is awesome.He is very good in explaining topics and always open for questions. It was easy to understand his language. I feel his course is very helpful as he focused on topics that will be on exam for sure."

"Yes, I'm interested in this provider, as material is presented and tought in a most clear way. I liked the way how tutor explained the topic. I'd recommend him to my colleques. And please do not change provider, because it was the one, which I most liked. Tutor did a good job. I believe the knowledge he gave us would result in a good results."

Ведущие преподаватели ACCA в LSBF: